T-Series Tactical Droid

A very intelligent droid.


7 Soak, 13 Wounds, 1 Ranged Defense, 1 Melee Defense.
2 Brawn, 1 Agility, 3 Intellect, 2 Cunning, 1 Willpower, 2 Presence.
Leadership 3, Ranged (Light) 1, Piloting (Captain) 2, Knowledge (Military) 2.

“Prepare for battle…” [Preform an Hard Leadership check, if you succeed, each Gunnery, or Ranged check by any droid for the next round gains the Accurate ability]

Add a Boost Die to all Leadership checks.

Light CIS Blaster Pistol [Ranged (Light), Medium, Damage 4, Critical 5, Stun Setting]
M-17 Target Scope [+ Accurate 1 on current weapon]

Droid Plating, +1 Soak
Tactical Droid Processing Unit, +2 Intellect, +1 Cunning, +1 Presence
Tactical Droid Processing Unit Cover , +1 Soak, +1 Melee Defense, +1 Ranged Defense
Heavy Plating, +3 Soak


This character is an unnamed commander.

T-Series Tactical Droid

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