Imperial Officer Uniform

A unifrom used by high ranking Imperials.


Base Cost/Rarity 200/5
+2 Soak;
1 Hardpoint
Opptional Upgrades:
Energy Absorbtion Packs, +1 Ranged Defense, 1 Hardpoint, Cost/Rarity 145/4
A common addition for Imperial Field Commaders to help shead blaster fire.
Hidden Armor Plate, +2 Soak, 1 Hardpoint, Cost/Rarity 375/3
Used for IBS agents and ISN agents when they are undercover or going it a trap
Anti-Blade Durasteel Weaving, +1 Melee Defense, 1 Hardpoint, Cost/Rarity 200/4
Most Imperial officers that are “in the action” request extra armor for “defense”
Imperial Anti-Assassination Plating, +2 Ranged Defense, +1 Melee Defense, 1 Hardpoint, Cost/Rarity 1,750/6
High ranking Imperials almost always have this installed in their armor when speaking in public


Grand Moff Tarkin designed the uniform, it is designed to be more effective than fashionable and to command respect from everyone.

Imperial Officer Uniform

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