A beaten up B1 droid from Geonosis.


5 Soak, 14 Wounds, 12 Strain, 0 Ranged Defense, 1 Melee Defense.
2 Brawn, 2 Agility, 6 Intellect, 3 Cunning, 2 Willpower, 2 Presence.
Ranged (Heavy) 2, Knowledge (Military) 2, Knowledge (Outer Rim) 2, Knowledge (Unknown Regions) 1, Computers 3, Astrogations 2, Piloting (Captain) 2, Gunnery 2, Cool 2, Vigilance 2, Perception 2, Deception 2.

“One Corellian Long Island comin’ up!” [When mixing a drink, you may automatically put a poison in the drink, however the damage done by the poison is reduced by two]

GG-27 Blaster Rifle [Ranged (Heavy), Long, Damage 7, Critical 2, Pierce 1, Vicious 1]

Computer Extension Implant, +2 Intellect

Droid Plating, +1 Soak

Geonosis Plating, +2 Soak, + 1 Melee Defense


Created after The Battle of Geonosis, BV-227, was sent on an exploration mission to the Unknown Regions. He returned 8 years later, alone. He spent most of his time as a bar tender and a bounty hunter.

Status: Alive


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