The Expansion War

Kerlos Station Act I Part II

Space Taco Fly-thru...

After a bit of a shoot out with the Empire, the group is off in The Dreamweaver. Sadly, with Hoodinines hunger steering him, they stop at Stellar Tacos and Burritos. With the pit stop, Three TIE/LN Fighters manage to find them.  With Jeark and Jojo in the turrets, They manage to destroy the TIEs, causing one to crash into the little pop-tart vendor and his stand. Sadly they run into a Victory I Class Star Destroyer in orbit. After being tractor beamed in, Captain Fero Kerdal and his crew board The Dreamweaver. With the uncanny coincidence of them finding a smuggling compartment next to the one our heroes are in. After opening the compartment, Jojo the Jawa leaps out of hiding jumps over a Stormtrooper and lands in the compartment, which is filled with pop-tarts. With a price on their head and each having a very interesting back story, they are taken into the holding cells of The Dominator…


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