The Expansion War

Kerlos Station Act I Part I

A very hungry Jawa...

Our "Heroes", Hoodinie, Jojo The Jawa and Jeark, are on Kerlos station. Jojo is just there (see character for explanation). Hoodine needs a crew and fuel for The Dreamweaver. Jeark well… is lost. They all converge onto Town Square, where The Dreamweaver is in docking bay 93, and Jojo and Jeark attack two Liafa Cultists. Killing and robing both, Jojo gos to the pop-tart street vendor. After harrassing the poor vendor (and shooting at him), the Stormtrooper Barracks is alerted of the trouble. So with credits and pop-tarts in hand Jeark and Jojo run onto the nearest ship… The Dream Weaver…


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